Why Do I Need Livery Yard Insurance?

Livery yards can be complex environments, so you need to ensure you are properly prepared for the unexpected.

Our Livery Yard Insurance can be tailored to meet your businesses’ specific requirements. Protect yourself financially against accidents that may occur with Public Liability Insurance. Or, if you employ any staff you must have Employers’ Liability Insurance.

Discover the benefits of British Pet Insurance policies below.

Get Insurance for Your Livery Yard


Benefits of Livery Yard Insurance Policies

Here are some of the top benefits of Livery Yard insurance policies you should keep in mind.

Cover for Public Liability

Public liability is a significant concern for most business owners running livery yards. They need to take care of several horses, tend to them, feed them, and ensure that all horses stay secure under their supervision. However, these horses can act out of character and become aggressive.

While livery yard owners ensure that their horses are well-trained, things can still get out of hand. Thus, it is essential for livery yard owners to have insurance policies protecting damage up to £10 million or higher.

While this amount may sound too high, it is not if you consider average public liability cost. It includes any kind of damage to an owner’s property or health.

Cover for Employers’ Liability

Employee safety and protection are the livery yard owner’s responsibility. Any damage to the employee’s health or property on the livery yard is the employer’s direct responsibility. Thus, these business owners need to have alternatives to cover sudden expenses to keep employees safe.

The livery yard insurance policies are the easiest way for protecting you and your employees against any kind of damage. These policies can cover victims for thousands of pounds in a single policy. However, the business owners still need to pay a standard premium or a deductible.

It depends on the terms of agreement of the policy you invest in. Either way, livery yard owners can save a lot of money in the long run with these insurance policies.

Care, Custody, and Control

All animals under your care and custody are the custodian’s responsibility. During the control and custody, any damage caused by these pets is directly protected by you and your employees when caring for the horses, with an indemnity limit of £10,000, £25,000, or £50,000 per horse.

Property Owners’ Insurance

Property is a significant asset for livery yard owners and even a concern for normal horse insurance policy holders. These people can run their business in large properties, but taking care of these properties is a challenge itself. Renovation, maintenance, and natural disasters can pile up and cost the livery yard owners thousands of pounds. Thus, these business owners need a better alternative.


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