Riding Club Insurance: What is it?

Riding club insurance is a simple policy that covers horse riding clubs against all sorts of financial issues that may arise because of financial or health damage. It has plentiful benefits for its owners, which we will mention in this article ahead. Let us begin.

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Public Liability

Public liability is a significant concern for riding club owners. Although these clubs ensure well-trained horses, there is a bit more to it.

For instance, the horses can be unpredictable and damage other people or their properties. It is why most insurance policies consider public liability as the biggest concern.

What’s more, these policies usually have the most significant coverage amounts. Here are British Pet Insurance, our public liability per incident pays out up to £2,000,000. This way, the riding clubs do not need to worry about any expenses caused by their horse.

Additional Employees

Ensure employee safety is a primary concern for horse riding club owners. It is because all employees fall under the company’s responsibility.

Primarily, it is a liability plan which can cover volunteers, helpers, judges, and stewards. This way, everyone remains safe in the riding club.

Additionally, riding clubs do not have to worry about paying medical expenses emotional or physical damage to these employees while they work.

The additional employees may seem like not such a big concern, but it is a significant concern because running a riding club requires focusing on

Event Protection for both Members and Non-Members

A significant part of the riding clubs is running events for the betterment and showcasing of the clubs. However, there is always a chance that a member or a visitor may get injured during these events. This is where the riding club insurance policies come into play.

They protect players during their events to ensure that the riding club is not liable to pay for anything.

The policy pays for personal or property caused to these riding club members or nonmembers during it. This way, the riding club is free from any kind of financial problem.

Cover for Equipment Including Tack and Saddlery

Equipment is a must for riding clubs because staying in the club requires following specific rules and regulations. You cannot expect professional riding clubs to operate without proper equipment such as tack and saddler.

There is a chance that this equipment may get damaged or lost during the riding club activities. Fortunately, the riding club insurance policies ensure that riding club owners do not pay for these equipment costs repeatedly.

Instead, they can list the equipment in their insurance coverage and get compensation.


Award-Winning Pet Insurance - British Pet Insurance

While the riding club insurance sounds excellent for owners, it is only as good as the company you choose. You need someone reliable in the time of need.

Thus, we suggest you reach out to us at British Pet Insurance. We provide the best coverage plans for horse riding clubs at affordable premiums as one of the most trusted horse insurance providers.